14th Thessaloniki International Book Fair

11-14 May 2017 TIF – HELEXPO, PAVILIONS 13 & 15

Within the framework of the “In Search of the South” tribute, renowned foreign writers from the countries of South Europe are expected to visit the TBF. The Hellenic Foundation for Culture has a firm belief that the international character of the Book Fair must be enhanced and expanded. With the decisive participation of the foreign cultural institutes in Greece, such as the French Institute, the Italian Institute and Goethe Institute and the support of the Greek publishers (we indicatively mention Kalentis, Kastaniotis, Kelefthos, Nefeli, Metaixmio, Patakis, Polis, Stereoma), the TBF will have the honor to welcome this year the following writers:

Salim Bachi
French-Algerian Salim Bachi, the author of the novel entitled “Kill them all!” (“Tuez-les tous!”), published by Nefeli Publications, will take part in the discussion regarding “Fundamentalism and literature”, organized by the French Institute of Thessaloniki. In “Kill them all!”, Bachi recreates the life, the thoughts and reservations of a kamikaze, a few hours before the attack at the World Trade Center.

Pascal Bruckner
Pascal Bruckner is considered to be one of the most important French writers and intellectuals. Bruckner, who is very popular in Greece, is going to visit the TBF in order to talk about the more general issues of the European South. His last book entitled “A good son” (“Un bon fils”) has been published by Patakis Publications.

Jaume Cabré
Catalan writer Jaume Cabré has made an international impact with his novel entitled “Confiteor”, published by Polis Publications. “Confiteor”, a long novel that recreates the tragic events of the much afflicted European history, was undoubtedly one of the most much-discussed books of the previous year.

Erri De Luca
Italian writer Erri de Luca is an activist with significant political and cultural action. His book entitled “The weight of the butterfly” (“Il peso della farfalla”), a short story with symbolic character, was much-loved by the Greek readers as well. The books of Erri de Luca have been published by Kelefthos Publications.

Mathias Enard
Mathias Enard was honored last year with the significant Goncourt French literary prize for his novel entitled “Compass” (“Boussole”). It is worth mentioning that “Compass”, which has been published in Greek by Stereoma Publications, was included this year in the Big List of the International Man Booker Prize.

Santiago Roncagliolo
Spanish-speaking writer from Peru and permanent resident of Barcelona, Santiago Roncagliolo, is much-loved in Greece and this will be his third visit. His last novel entitled “Pins in the sand” (“La noche de los alfileres”) will be published in May by Kastaniotis Publications.

Writers from countries of the wider area of the Mediterranean, such as Turkey and Israel, will also visit the 14th Thessaloniki Book Fair:

Zülfü Livaneli
The internationally renowned composer and writer Zülfü Livaneli, who visits Greece regularly, will present his last novel entitled “Konstantiniyye Hotel” (“Konstantiniyee Oteli”) and will participate in the discussions concerning the European South. The books of Zülfü Livaneli have been published in Greek by Patakis Publications.

Eshkol Nevo
Eshkol Nevo is a writer who is very popular in his country, Israel, and he is considered to be a mentor of many new rising writers. His last book entitled “Three stories” (“Shalosh Qomot”) will be published in Greek by Kastaniotis Publications.