14th Thessaloniki International Book Fair

11-14 May 2017 TIF – HELEXPO, PAVILIONS 13 & 15

With the support of the French and Italian Institute as well as of the Greek publishers, prominent writers and illustrators will visit TBF and will have the opportunity to meet young and adult readers in the hospitable Children’s Corner. Until now, the following creators have confirmed their participation:

Eduardo Jauregui
Spanish Eduardo Jauregui is a psychologist specializing in positive psychology and the study of humour. Along with Italian writer Pierdomenico Baccalario, the father of the children’s favourite hero, Ulysses Moure, they sign with the pseudonyme Edward Berry, a new series of books entitled “The most worderful story ever written” that the demanding young readers really adore. The books of the series have been published by Metaixmio Publications.

Guido Conti
Italian Guido Conti is a particularly loved writer in his country and he has received numerous awards for his work. His first children’s book, written and illustrated by himself, is very special and particularly valued. “The wonderful voyage of Nilou” (“Nilou e i giorni meravigliosi dell’ Africa”) has been published in Greek by Kalentis Publications.

Ute Krause
Ute Krause is a German writer and illustrator that has received numerous awards and she is the creator of the little dinosaur named Savris. The adventures of naughty Savris have been published in Greek by Metaixmio Publications.