14th Thessaloniki International Book Fair

11-14 May 2017 TIF – HELEXPO, PAVILIONS 13 & 15

One of the basic priorities of TBF, from its very first year, has been the cultivation of the love for reading to children and teenagers. The contact with educators and teachers is also particularly important.

Children’s, Teens’ and Educators’ Corner organizes every year numerous events including narrative, interactive and imaginative presentations of the current book production as well as the presentation of issues concerning social and school life of all the people of Education and parents. It is not a coincidence that Children’s, Teens’ and Educators’ Corner constitute the most dynamic poles of attraction of TBF visitors.

During the Book Fair, there will also be a Readers’ Corner entitled “In the Countries of the Sun” with books from the countries of the European South and Greek books with the sun as the main theme.

The book is the ticket to the magic world of reading, a country that gives children the opportunity to read, smile, be moved, dream, learn things, travel to fairytale worlds.

Books are a treasure for children of the whole world!