Regarding the on-site program of the TBF 2020, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 17th TBF in close cooperation with TIF-Helexpo and the relevant authorities makes certain that all the necessary measures will be applied in the premises of the book fair, as all the required Covid-19 Hygiene Protocols have been incorporated in its operation rules in order to ensure the well-being of all the participants, the visitors and the employees. For more information and more detailed guidelines, please refer here


- 15km

Thessaloniki's airport "Macedonia," with traveling airport code SKG, is located 16km (10miles) outside the city. Access from the center of the city and vice versa is possible with public transportation such as buses of OASTH and taxis. Duty Free products, restaurants, bars, ATM's, car rental service offices and post offices can be found at the airport. If you have flown to Macedonia Airport and you want to head for the city, you can take bus line 01X, which passes through the city center and has its terminus in the Intercity Bus Station KTEL. The bus-stop nearest to the TIF-Helexpo Congress Center is the Kamara bus-stop. Alternatively, you could get on bus No 79 at the airport, get off to IKEA bus stop, and then travel to the city center using either the bus line 2Κ (Bus terminus: ΚΤΕL Intercity Bus Station, bus-stop ΑΧΕΠΑ nearest to Helexpo) or the bus line 3Κ (Bus terminus: New Railway Station, bus-stop ΧΑΝΘ/ HANTH nearest to the Helexpo premises). In the airport, there is a ticket booth, where you can buy your tickets (1,20-2,00€). Taxi transportation from the airport to the city center costs around 20€ and lasts approximately 30 minutes.


- 3km

The new railway station located at the beginning of Monastiriou Street has been functioning since 1960. It belongs to the network of Greek Railway Organism OSE and it connects the city with the Greek and European railway network. The old railway station is only in use for merchandising purposes. Bus line 2K (Achepa bus-stop, nearest to Helexpo premises) reaches the Railway Station. After the Kamara monument, you can get on bus 10, 11, 17, all of which take you to the railway station.


- 2km

Thessaloniki's port belongs to the Organism of Thessaloniki Port OLTH, and serves international itineraries as well as local ones with ferry boats for the Aegean Islands. Often enough, it accepts cruise ships and private yachts.


- 4km

The station of long distance buses is located at the west entrance of the city. It is accompanied by urban line buses of OASTH. The bus lines reaching the Intercity Bus Station are 01X (from the airport) and 2K from the city center (bus-stop Achepa nearest to Helexpo premises).


Thessaloniki's urban transportation, apart from the city routes, accommodates 15 regional municipalities, with roughly 600 modern buses in use at the same time, on 68 different bus lines. For more information, please call 11085 or visit OASTH


Taxis in Thessaloniki are colored blue and white. You can grab a taxi from any of the 2,000 taxi stops around the city. Otherwise, you can ask for a taxi pickup by calling the following companies:
Taxiwind: 2312201220
Taxiway Thessaloniki: 18300
Taxi transportation from the airport to the city center costs around 20€ and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Free parking


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